Services from MCD Engineering


MCD Engineering can offer our customers a product design
service and facilitate product testing.

Sheet Metal Cutting

  • HD Plasma
    - Esprit viper 2500 HPR 260
    - 8Mtr x 2.5Mtr cutting area
    - Capable of piercing and cutting mild steel up to 32mm and cutting up to 65mm from edge
  • CNC oxy fuel gas cutting, capable of cutting up to 200mm mild steel
  • Haco guillotine capable of cutting 3100x12mm mild steel
  • 2 x Hypertherm powermax 1650 plasma (handheld) capable of cutting up to 30mm mild steel

Metal Forming

  • Durma 4320 pressbrake, capacity of 320 ton x 4m

Pipe Bending

  • Up to 60 o/s d pipe

Plate Rolls

  • Cyclinder rolling up to 2.5mx10mm and cone rolling 550x6mm



We offer all types of welding requirements to suit customer needs

  • Screens
  • Conveyors
  • Structures
  • Chassis
  • Tanks
  • Chutes / feedboxes etc
  • Walkways & Stairs
  • Pipes


  • Shotblasting to SA3
  • Galvanising
  • Zinc Plate
  • Powder Coating
  • Paint spraying (Single pac & 2 pac)
  • Complete assembly can be catered for and also site work
  • We also offer cold vulcanize rubber lining suitable for feedboxes, chutes etc
  • We also offer complete refurbishment of plant machinery
  • We also offer delivery